Just Working Construction Inc. was founded by Jeff and Natalie Van Gyssel in April 2015. 

Jeff has been a licensed carpenter for far too long and has always dreamed about owning his own company where he would be able to use his artistic side to design and build projects. His passion is outdoor living including kitchens/decks/pergolas, but he can also be seen getting excited about a well thought out project indoors as well. 

After marrying the love of his life in January 2015, a woman who happened to be a business accountant by trade, Jeff decided it was the perfect time to venture off on his own, and Natalie thought it sounded like a grand adventure to be a part of. 


Our true values in life are that this life is not our own, but belongs to our creator. That is why our business model is actually centered around helping refugees to find work. We want to be able to train new comers, not only in carpentry, but also in Canadian work ethic and culture. Refugees are real people who have had real jobs and a rough past. We strive to give them a brighter future by creating job opportunities, training and most of all friendships. 


Connections: A pot-luck group that meets every other Friday evening. Their mission is quite similar to ours. "We all need friends and Connection's purpose is to help people welcome newcomers, celebrate cultural diversity, and make friendships that transform lives". 

Welcome Home: Although going through their own difficulties recently they have been a huge support in helping us to discover what employing refugees actual means. We are so thankful for the connections we have made with and through them.